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Testimonial 2 - Essential Medication

Following the birth of my first child, I was diagnosed with an extremely rare complication of pregnancy whereby my bones became brittle and fractured. After collapsing at home and being rushed to hospital, scans revealed eight fractured vertebral bones in my spine and micro fracturing in several other places. I was also at severe risk of more fractures occurring.


After two very painful months in hospital and another six months in a rehabilitation program, I was still in enormous amounts of pain with minimal movement and I had to rely on medical aids to walk. My specialist suggested my only option would be to commence a newly marketed drug that was not covered by the pharmaceutical benefits scheme; however, this drug would fast track the healing of my bone density. The downside of this drug was that it would cost thousands of dollars! 


Forced to resign from employment due to my incapacity and only having one income, financial affordability of this drug was not within reach.  I was unable to get any help through insurances or through government organisations. Then, thanks to the assistance of Albury Wodonga Community Chest Inc., I was able to finance the drug. I felt changes almost immediately after commencing treatment and my bone density improved rapidly. Today my bone density is completely back to normal and I am mostly pain free and able to run around and play with my children like any other young mother. This would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the assistance I received from Albury Wodonga Community Chest Inc...I am forever grateful to this wonderful community group.

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